各位同學們!老郭又來解答了!(到底想怎樣!) 到底你們甚麼該被扣,又不用繳甚麼費用呢! 請詳讀這一篇!非常重要唷! https://www.interexchange.org/travel-abroad/work-travel-usa/resources/rights/ 我也是知道你們很懶惰!我幫大家挑了幾個重點, 首先!


Know Your Rights 

All InterExchange Work & Travel USA students are covered by basic minimum wage laws and overtime as it applies from state to state. As of July 24, 2009 the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) minimum wage was set at $7.25 per hour. Where state law requires a higher minimum wage, the higher standard applies. If housing or food is included in a job offer, then the cost of room and board is considered part of the minimum wage. Employers try to keep costs for housing and/or food as low as possible. Paying a student for the season or a set wage for a week is permitted as long as they adhere to minimum wage laws. 每周超過40小時是有加班費的!但是!有些州不會額外算加班費, 點入了解:https://www.dol.gov/whd/minwage/america.htm image If you work over 40 hours per week you may sometimes be paid extra wages. Some states have overtime wages and some do not. Please ask your employer if you have any questions regarding overtime pay. If you have a problem with an employer because of underpaid or unpaid wages, or unfair termination of employment, please call InterExchange and we will help put you in contact with the Department of Labor for the state you are living in. The Department of Labor in your state will instruct you how to file a claim against your employer. InterExchange will provide you with assistance and/or any letters you may need for completing a claim form. 除此之外呢!以下是合法在美國打工需要繳的稅, You do pay:
  • Federal income tax 聯邦稅
  • State income tax 州稅
  • Local or city income tax 市稅
還有!這些不要被扣到,但這次因為有同學被雇主先多扣了『FICA』,還真的有點多! 因此,老郭要來教大家怎麼申請囉! 最重要提醒!如果你第一份PAY CHECK已經被扣了,麻煩立即告知雇主或者你的機構,請雇主不要多報了這一筆! You do not pay:
  • Social Security (S.S.)
  • Medicare tax (FICA)
  • Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)




2.若雇主看了,還是不清楚,請利用SPONSOR IEX的系統,線上客服(小藍人),將你的問題告知IEX,由IEX解釋。


如果你被扣了以上的稅,請你這樣跟我這樣做! 1.拿出你的薪資明細PAY CHECK 2.下載F843:https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f843.pdf 3.動手填寫!開始囉 image 再來對照PAY CHECK image image 保險一點附上你的PAY CHECK(最後一張累積的),這樣就完成囉! 這是老郭第一次填,麻煩收到的同學請告訴我你有沒有退成功唷!   萬一!沒收到W2怎麼辦,請看以下的影片:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY9ezFFpBEM 還有問題請加入LINE詢問唷:https://line.me/ti/p/%40ech4141p