Chula Vista Resort

Kitchen Assistants, Bus Persons, Lifeguards, Housekeepers, Concession/Baristas, Water Park Service Attendants, Front Desk Associates


Chula Vista Resort has been a family owned and operated business for over 65 years.

We are one of the premier waterpark resorts in the State of Wisconsin. Our property features indoor and outdoor waterparks,

hotel condo and villa accommodations, 18 hole golf course and many fine restaurants and retail shops.

It also includes meeting, convention, and trade show facilities.

We are located 3 miles north of Wisconsin Dells on the cliffs overlooking the historic Wisconsin River.

Chula Vista is part of the J-1 Consortium. 

Students working here have participated in many consortium as well as on-property events: Fourth of July Fireworks displays, picnics, tubing, ice-skating, Holiday events and much more.

Employer Information

Employer Name

Chula Vista Resort

Location (City / Province)

Wisconsin Dells

Work Dates

Work Start Dates: 5/ 1 – 6/ 19

Work Finish Dates: 9/ 8 – 10/ 15

Job Descriptions

l   Kitchen Assistants cook and prepare a variety of foods including meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, sauces, stocks, breads and other foods using a variety of equipment and utensils. Kitchen Assistants will maintain and clean all food service areas according to all county, state and federal health codes and sanitation procedures. There are 3 positions available. The wage is $8.00/hour.

l   Bus Persons serve as assistants to wait staff in helping clear, clean and maintain guest spaces and tables for incoming guests. You will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness in all areas of restaurant, including dining and wait station areas, stocking tables. There is 1 position available. The wage is$6.50/hour + tips.

l   Lifeguards monitor aquatic areas, ensuring guest safety through effective surveillance. They will maintain operational effectiveness of aquatic department while delivering superior and quality service. There are 12 positions available. The wage is $8.50/hour.

l   Housekeepers thoroughly clean and restock guest rooms in a timely manner. Tasks of housekeeping include but are not limited to making beds, vacuuming, dusting, restocking, and washing bathtubs, toilets, sink, floors and glass surfaces. Must be able to constantly stand, bend and reach in a full range of motion through the workday and lift 50 pounds. There are 9 positions available. The wage is $8.00/hour.

l   Concession/Baristas will work directly with the customers in a retail/fast food work environment, warmly greeting customers, completing sales transactions, preparing and serving a variety of coffee, drinks, sandwiches and snacks. This position requires strong communication and organizational skills along with a drive to make customer satisfaction a top priority. Baristas will be responsible for keeping all amenity & storage areas stocked & organized. Baristas will work at keeping all areas of concern in the kitchen/dining room/storage areas clean. There are 4 positions available. The wage is $8.00/hour.

l   Water Park Service Attendants will monitor and ensure the cleanliness in all park areas including but not limited to all public areas, restrooms, showers, lockers, break room, office and hallway areas. Park Services Attendants are consistently kind and helpful with guests as they are visible in all public areas. Park Service Attendants must keep all areas of the water park clean and free of garbage; reset water park furniture; assist guests with young children and those who are handicapped; provide clear, concise resort information and directions. There are 4 positions available. The wage is $8.50/hour.

l   Front Desk Associates must be able communicate in a welcoming manner & be able to help customers regardless of the situation. Associates must be able to check in/out, collect charges, effectively use computer systems in place, and be familiar with all areas of resort to give directions & recommendations. Associates must have advanced English & problem solving skills & be able to work in a fast paced environment. Prior experience is preferred. There are 2 positions available. The wage is $9.00/hour.

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Accommodation Fee

Housing will be on-site, dorm style housing. There will be 4 to 6 students per room, 1 student per bed. Rooms include microwave, refrigerator, stove, dishes, pots/pans and utensils. Cable TV, WiFi and laundry facilities are available in housing complex. The cost is $85.00 per week. There is a $250 deposit, $150 of which is refundable if the housing is left in good order with no damages and the employment contract is completed.

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Area Description

Wisconsin Dells is located in the beautiful vacation area of southern Wisconsin. There are

plenty of attractions and activities, including lake and water sports, camping, a scenic natural environment, and many pubs and restaurants. Wisconsin Dells is known as the waterpark capital of the world and so it is a popular tourist vacation spot. It is also famous for the Dells, which are glacial formations, created 14,000 years ago from waters ripping through Wisconsin Dells carving gorges, rocky islands and towering cliffs. In Wisconsin Dells, you will have the opportunity to experience the Heartland of America, interact with many Americans, as well as with people from all over the world. There are many large resorts in the area as well.

Distance to Large City (< I Million)

The Wisconsin Dells is easily accessible by train or bus to:

l   Chicago – 3 hours and half away – Under $20

l   Minneapolis – 3 hours and half away – Under $20

l   Milwaukee (Summerfest location) – 2 hours away – $15


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Chula Vista Resort

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