Dunkin’ Donuts

Crew Member

$12/hour + tips

Employer Description: Couto Management Group, LLC was founded in 1999 by Jose “Sal” Couto as a means by

which he could better manage his 14 Dunkin’ Donuts stores.

Over the years, Couto Management Group has experienced rapid growth in the number of shops it manages.

To date, Couto Management has grown from a one-man operation to a fully functional organization successfully supporting 60+ Dunkin’ Donuts stores in the communities surrounding Boston and on Cape Cod.


Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain, serving more than 3 million customers each and every day. True to our name, we offer 50+ varieties of donuts, but you can also enjoy dozens of premium beverages, bagels, breakfast sandwiches and other baked goods.


Employer Information

Employer Name

Dunkin’ Donuts

Location (City / Province)

Cape Cod

Work Dates

Arrival:5/5~6/10 (若尚有名額,可延後赴任日期)


Job Descriptions

Prepare and serve coffee, donuts, bagels and sandwiches. General cleaning duties, customer service and cash handling.

Number of Jobs in Total


English Requirements

Strong English, as you will be interacting with customers on a day to day basis. It’s important to be outgoing and friendly!

Salary Range

$12/hour + tips

Accommodation Fee

$100-125 per week

Employee Benefits


Area Description

Cape Cod is one of the most beautiful locations in the country. Close to Boston and surrounded by water, this summer destination is packed with tourists and other J-1 Summer Work & Travel participants. Your employer has locations all over Cape Cod. Students will often go to the beach, visit local museums, go whale watching or take in a baseball game.

Distance to Large City (< I Million)

Cape Cod



Employer Information


Dunkin’ Donuts

Interview Date

January 24& 25

Deadline for Student Submission

January 21