Off the Map Hospitality The Franklin & Trattoria Stella

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  • 160 E Front St. Traverse City, MI
  • 7 個月 之前發佈
  • 住宿類型:
  • 住宿費用:
    $70.00/week with no deposit.
  • 職缺名額:
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Prep & line cooks;Dishwasher;Bussing & barbacking


Off The Map Hospitality has two locations: Stella Trattoria and The Franklin. Both kitchens make everything

from scratch. Nothing comes out of a jar or can in our restaurants. We perform all of our own butchery inhouse

as well as have a full service bakery on site to make all our desserts & breads. Our bar is just as

extensive. We make all of our own syrups and drink mixes ensuring plenty of work for the right individuals.

The success of the Off The Map Hospitality Group Restaurants relies on talented, driven individuals that strive

for excellence on a daily basis.

Employer Information

Employer Name

Off the Map Hospitality The Franklin & Trattoria Stella

Location (City / Province)

Traverse City, Michigan

Work Dates

Arrival:5/15~6/30 (若尚有名額,可延後赴任日期)


Job Descriptions

There are 15-20 positions available overall. There may be opportunities for you to work

your way up to bartender or server depending on your English level and work performance.

l   Prep & line cooks work in our kitchen preparing food for service. We operate two, full service restaurants and make all of our food from scratch. Line cooks are trained in pantry making salads, appetizers & desserts. Some cooks work the fry station and run the fryers as well as the pizza ovens. More experienced cooks will be trained on the front line running the grill & sauté stations. The wage is $11.00/hour and $16.50/hour for overtime work.

l   Dishwasher is an extremely important job! While we hire some workers to only dishwash it is a position that all of our cooks help out with on a day-to-day basis. Many of our dishwashers also work prep. The wage is $11.00/hour and $16.50/hour for overtime work.

l   Bussing & barbacking is a tipped position that assists the servers or bartenders in their duties. Setting tables, greeting guests, re-stocking serving & bar areas are just some of the duties associated with these positions. The wage is $4.00/hour + tips.

Number of Jobs in Total


English Requirements

Front of house employees must have a decent command of English as they will be directly communicating with guests. Back of house employees need a willingness to work hard and have a positive attitude.

Salary Range


Accommodation Fee

$70.00/week with no deposit.

Employee Benefits


Area Description

Traverse City, Michigan is very beautiful and there is a lot of great recreation in and around the Great Lakes of Michigan. Employees can easily bike wherever they need to go. Traverse City is on the shores of Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay. It’s known for the annual National Cherry Festival. Its Victorian City Opera House presents plays and concerts. Nearby, the Dennos Museum Center has an Inuit art collection and works by Michigan artists. On the outskirts, Traverse City State Park has a beach and trails.

Distance to Large City (< I Million)

Traverse City, Michigan



Employer Information


Off the Map Hospitality

Interview Date

February 12

Deadline for Student Submission

February 9